Ironfell – Indie MMORTS Now Live

We have a treat for you today as the Indie MMORTS Ironfell, developed by DataSmugglers, has finally gone live.  The game had been in beta for the past six months or so and the developers are finally ready to release their final product.

The game has gone under many changes in the past six months.  Players who had the opportunity to get in to the beta early last year have seen drastic changes that have really upgraded their experience.  The additional time and resources have been well received by players and those who are ready to take on epic ocean realms and naval battles should definitely check out Ironfell.

Ironfell is a free to play real time strategy game that can be found in the Google Play store as well as the Ironfell website.  The game can be played on both Mac OSX and Windows and both will carry the same massive, persistent universe with 42,000 realms and 2.2 million user controlled units.

DataSmugglers is already hard at work on their first expansion that will include dinosaurs, time machines and more resource types.  Eventually, they say, you will be able to take your journeys into space!

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