Is Dragon Age III in development?

In a recent Tweet, creative director of the Dragon Age games Mike Laidlaw?said, ?We?re done development for Dragon Age II and the team has fully moved onto the Next ThingTM?.

Shortly after that Tweet was made, a second one was posted by Laidlaw saying ?We?ll be -very- actively looking for feedback on the next DA title, and will be showing the game more than before as it develops?.

Mark Darrah, who is the executive producer, stated, ?We did have plans for an expansion pack to DA2 but, other DA opportunities came up. There were even shirts! It was called Exalted March?.

Darrah appeared to be upset about not being able to work on it, and mentioned ??you can?t always work on everything at once. At least I can?t.?

Hopefully this means, that there were bigger and better plans for the upcoming game that will make Dragon Age fans even happier than having? an expansion pack for Dragon Age II.

There has been no official announcement of the game being in development by Bioware despite the tweets and interviews that have been made. Fans will just have to wait in anticipation and keep reading up on what is going to be happening next.

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