Is It MOBA Week? Super Hero MOBA Hits Closed Beta

I’m not sure how you guys feel but haven’t we already heard of a handful of new MOBA games releasing this week? I was reading an article by our very own Thomas Touche on a new MOBA game, Battle for Graxia and I recently covered Dragons and Titans, but there’s more. Following a comment from Dannyboy55 I felt the urge to explore the MOBA genre with the hopes of finding something that would bring enough innovation to hopefully increase his appeal towards the genre.

Today I discovered a brand new website from Turbine, the developers behind the hugely popular Lord of the Rings Online. And yet again they’re bringing another popular IP to the forefront of MMO gaming in the form of a DC Universe MOBA game, Infinite Crisis.

Despite the fact that I cover daily news articles and new releases in the MMO world, this is one that totally slipped my radar. I won’t bore you with the regular MOBA pitch as you’re probably aware of the standard features nowadays, after-all the pure amount of League of Legends clones feels like a repeat of World of Warcraft and the RPG genre.

So cutting the fluff short I’ll head straight for the meat of the package. Infinite Crisis brings to the table a number of reasons for MOBA newbies and veterans alike to sample the new game world.

  • Characters based on the 52 worlds that fill the DC Multiverse
  • Infinite Crisis will feature both iconic characters and totally new DC inspired heroes and villains
  • Destructible environments will allow players to forge new pathways and routes in maps
  • Dynamic maps will feature terrain changing events that will force players to adapt on the fly
  • A deep storyline created thanks to a close collaboration with DC

So guys, as potential new MOBA players would the addition of such a huge IP convince you to try it? Or is one MOBA the same as the rest and nothing you’re bothered about? What about you Dannyboy55? Are you at least a little intrigued?

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