Journey To The West Open Beta Approaching

The upcoming open beta event for Journey to the West is nearly upon us as developers Cubizone today announced that players will have the opportunity to explore the MMO adaptation of the famous writings this Saturday, November 29th. Based on the classic series of Chinese fantasy novels of the same name, Journey to the West hopes to blend fresh and innovative online MMORPG game mechanics with the depth and character provided by award-winning author, Cheng’en Wu

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the open beta event Cubizone have sent out a couple of gift codes that players can use to unlock an impressive list of in-game items.

• 200k EXP Pill – 1
• Lucky Egg Lotto – 10
• Normal Sea Copper – 30
• Normal Sea Silk – 30
• Mid Sea Copper – 30
• Mid Sea Silk – 30
• Gravel LV1 – 30
• Gravel Dust LV1 – 30
• Gravel LV2 – 30
• Gravel Sand LV2 – 30

There are two codes that players can use, one for International players and one for those residing in the Philipines. For International players use the “94LA9QSXM1Y816” code and for others, use “MSC1TYD4EM3DN0J”. For details on redeeming your code check out this link.

Although the open beta event doesn’t begin until Saturday, the servers are currently unlocked so that players can get a head start on creating their characters.

Source: MMOFront

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