King of Kings

King of Kings 3 if a free-to-play 3D online role-playing game.  This MMORPG puts an emphasis on PvP and RvR (realm vs. realm).  It is set in a medieval fantasy world, which has been split into seven unstable enemy realms after many long years of bitter war.  Your mission is to join one of these realms and create your own destiny.  Found a guild with your friends and wage war against other guilds, conquer enemy armies and create a kingdom of your own with your legions by your side.

King of Kings offers many dynamic game-play options.  As a young lone warrior you have the opportunity to band together with others to form alliances to help you along your journey.  Daily challenges help you thrive and prosper.  As your guild grows you have more opportunities to gain more advantages and amenities.  Housing and town building is another feature of the game.  Designing your own home and building it up from a simple log house to a sprawling villa, or building a fortress for your legion and a capital city for your kingdom not only is decorative but functional.  Your houses and towns can be improved to offer higher bonuses later in game.

PvP is exciting with conquerable town, duels, spontaneous skirmishes or regularly held events and battlegrounds.  If you?re a PvP fan, then King of Kings 3 has everything you will need.  Look for your name at the top of the rankings list as you collect titles that bring you fame and glory.

King of Kings of free to download and play.  There?s no reason why you shouldn?t be playing this game, in fact the download should be almost over by now right?

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