Knight Age – Exclusive Interview With Winning Guild for "Siege Warfare"

Joymax, a leading online game developer and publisher, shares today an exclusive interview with the winning guild for its first ever “Siege Warfare”, in the free-to-play MMORPG, Knight Age. The interview reveals key strategies and tips in order to succeed in the big weekly PvP battle. 

“Siege Warfare” has officially begun and each weekend the PvP battle will be taking place. The guilds, referred to as the Order of Knights, are put up against hordes of monsters who are ordered to protect the castle. The first Order who proved successful in winning the war has offered to share three successful strategies for all players to go by in order to win against the hordes. 

Here they are: 

Number One: Strengthen your Guild.
Since it is a guild PVP, the winners iterated that it was essential to strengthen their Order in both power and number.  The easiest route was to combine forces with other guilds.  As the guild leader explains, ?First, we talked to other guilds and decided to do a temporary merge just for the siege.  We then pooled our Gold to level up our guild so we could afford more members and other guilds helped with the expenses.”  The merge allowed them to gather over 30 members for the Siege Warfare with mostly maxed out players, which made them a single powerful team to battle against.
Number Two: Focus on Breaking Castle Doors.
The Siege Warfare has several challenges from battling enemies to getting inside the castle, but one of the main objectives is to reach the crystal hidden behind the sturdy doors.  However, knocking them down is no easier feat and it is important to break through before any other guild reaches the crystal.  Touching the crystal allows players to rack-up points to determine the final winner of the PVP battle, and a head start in reaching it makes a big difference! 
Number 3: Get Rid of Everything that Stands in Your Way.
Once a guild has reached their objective, sooner or later other Orders will break down the castle doors and flock to the crystal.  It is essential to defend in order to prevent opposing guilds from gaining points.  The winning Order used their sheer number of members and their ability to arrive first to stop all on-coming players!  In the end, the match was won by a landslide. 

“Though these strategies can be a great start to winning the Siege Warfare, there is much more to this art of war.  When asked what other tips the winning guild would suggest, the guild?s leader was reluctant to share everything, ‘I don’t want to give away too much. Hehehehe?'”

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The next Siege Warfare is scheduled this Sunday.

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