Knight Age – Grey Shores of Oblivion

Joymax announced earlier today that Knight Age players will be taking a trip to the coast as The Grey Shores of Oblivion becomes available. Appearances may be deceiving as The Grey Shores of Oblivion appears to be an ideal holiday location at first glance; but it hides a hideous secret. A new chain of quests is now available alongside a challenging new dungeon for those brave enough to travel through the perilous waters

The update is now live across all servers, offering players the opportunity to sail to The Grey Shores of Oblivion and discover the infamous Helfyr challenge. The Help Seal Helfyr quest chain will require a strong band of Knights, working together to defeat a great evil. The deadly enemy that awaits is one of the most difficult battles to grace the shores of the free fantasy MMORPG Knight Age and the rewards will reflect that difficulty with a variety of fantastic items up for grabs. This is a limited time event, players only have until March 5th to defeat this new menace and reap the rewards.

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