Knight Age Open Beta Test Celebrated With In-Game Party and Walkthrough

One of the leading online game developers and publishers, Joymax, celebrated the Knight Age open beta test with an exclusive online ?Gangnam Style? party that will take place this weekend and also released a walkthrough that is to be pretty in-depth for the game itself.

Knight Age is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that has been having a very successful beta testing period as of August 28th and wanted to celebrate its achievements and encourages others to come out and join in the excitement.

The ?Gangnam Style? party is open to all of the players of the Knight Age game. The party is located on the Knight Age Baron Server in the center of Yann Valley Village. There is a dance floor located inside a stable, an assortment of head-bobbing mounts and party goers attempting what is called the ?Horse dance?. The party is celebrating the success of Joymax?s new game. The party will be taking place today and tomorrow at 10am EST and ending at 11am EST. All guests will be given free food and a ride home with a free special mount.

If you want to get in on the action visit: