Knight Age – Social Network System Spotlight

Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher widely known for longstanding quality titles including Silkroad Online and Digimon Masters, introduces a new game system to their wildly popular fantasy MMORPG, Knight Age.  With a full month of service under its belt, there is much to explore in the world of Knight Age.  Squires ready to train their first mount can sign up on the official website at

Playing with friends and family is already awesome, but did you know there?s more than just accepting a friend invitation in Knight Age?  From sharing Hearts to performing Miracles, Joymax reveals details for their Social Network System in Knight Age!

So what is a Social Network System?  Knight Age allows players to utilize their character?s connections to their friends and guild members in a new way.  Every player now has their own Social Network Level, with its own ?social EXP? bar.  As a player adds new friends, joins a guild and more, the player?s Social Network experience increases ? thus, the more social a player is, the more social EXP they will earn.  Once every few hours, players can send a Heart to anyone in their Social Network. These hearts grant the recipient a major social EXP boost for both them and the sender.  With more friends and guild members to share hearts with, the faster the player will be able to level up!

Why level up your character?s Social Network?  For the abilities you can?t find anywhere else!  As a player raises their Social Network Level players will unlock skills such as Auto-Warp, which allows players to teleport instantly to any of the Social Network connections.

The ultimate goal is to knock the top tier Miracle skill.  Performing a Miracle on one of your close allies resurrects them instantly with no penalties ? removing the damage in armor and weapon durability and eliminating the status effect normally induced by resurrection.  So, if the player parties with their best buddies, the player won?t need to worry about falling in battle and vice versa.  It?s a win-win situation which players should definitely take advantage of.

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