Knights Fable Version 2.4 Released

GTArcade has released the latest update to their browser MMORPG Knight’s Fable. Version 2.4 brings with it a new feature, the Carnival, which is a great opportunity to earn incredible rewards, including wings, heroes and beasts! Log in to Knight’s Fable today and take part in this magical festival!

Knight’s Fable is a 2014 leading free-to-play browser MMORPG epic game.Enjoy the splendidgreat features that fans of MMORPG’s lovesuch as PvP arena and PvE combat as you capture beasts, train heroes, and discover ancient items of great power.

In the carnival, for every drawn card you will have the chance to win bonus, and every set of cards can be traded for great rewards! Goddess, new costume and even beasts are all waiting for you! So which one will you choose? The hilarious Jester Cat, or the fearsome Astral Tiger? Both beasts are stacked with attributes and can greatly improve the might of your party!

About GTArcade:GTArcade is a leading developer of online games. With its guiding principle “sharing simple joy”, GTArcade has developed award winning products for browser and mobile platforms around the world, and is now focusing on English language markets with its latest browser games, League of Angels and Knight’s Fable.

Source: Press Release

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