Knight’s Fable

Knight’s Fable is a browser MMORPG that features much of the content that fans of the genre love including an expansive loot system, opportunities for rare and epic gear, gems and heroes, an array of trainable beasts of the ever popular PvP arena.  “We’re confident that Knight’s Fable will be a success.” Said Frances Sun, Product Manager for Knight’s Fable. “Players can train heroes and beasts, and then use them together in battle alongside their main character. Many MMORPG’s only offer the opportunity to level up a single character. ”

In the game you will be able to raid dungeons and pillage the land in search of loot while you recover ancient gear to piece together equipment sets with some crazy bonuses.  You’ll also be able to insert rare gems into your gear for added stat upgrades.  Additionally, the game gives you the ability to capture and train wild beasts to fight alongside you.  The beasts all have their own unique skills, auras and stats, and you’ll be able to use them to your advantage in battle.  To help boost your chance of success, you can visit taverns around the realm to recruit different heroes that also posses their own skills, stats and special abilities.  The ability to create your own battle party is one of the best features of Knight’s Fable.

Knight’s Fable features a fairly passive approach to gameplay and questing. Fighting and traveling to different map locations are handled outside of player control, which is ideal for gamers looking for an exciting story but don’t have the time to invest fully or engage their full attention. Outside of navigating menus and clicking NPCs/locations, there is little that the player needs to worry about. Some hardcore gamers may see this as a turn off, but even the most experienced of players can find an enjoyable, casual experience if they take the time to explore some of the game’s more advanced mechanics.

Much of Knight’s Fable’s depth comes from leveling up your main character, those in your party and your beast. All of your leveling, purchasing and upgrading contributes to an overall BR rating which determines your total strength. Players will need to quest, dungeon crawl and pay special care to get their BR as high as possible. It’s a system that is straightforward in design but contains enough contributing factors and complexities to give advantage to anyone willing to dig deeper. (For more information on this, check out our Knight’s Fable Walkthrough – Leveling and PvP Guide!)

The hand-painted art style and sprites look good and suit the gameplay well. While the visuals are nothing ground breaking, they are ideal for the browser game as locations and battles load quickly. Enemies, beasts and NPCs are varied and well designed. Overall, GTArcade’s solid art direction presents an experience that is varied and cohesive.

Important to mention in a Knight’s Fable review is monetization. The game is free-to-play and does a good job of incorporating microtransactions without hindering the player or affecting the experience negatively. Many character upgrades of the game will enter a cooldown period after prolonged use and while you can purchase in-game gold to bypass this, it is by no means a requirement. None of the cooldowns felt excessive or unfair making the gold option a welcomed choice, never an obligation.

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  1. i’d give it a 6/10 but thats only because of the music and artwork. (i just got done taking a look at the game on kongregate.). auto path quest system (goodbye part of the player interaction.), auto combat (yeah, goodbye ALL player interaction when it comes to combat.), AND a function that lets you skip story scenes altogether.

    wth are devs like these thinking? this isn’t the first time i’ve seen this type of setup either. i know i may be being a bit harsh here but how can you call it a mmorpg when most of the player interaction is clicking around in menus and moving around in towns. i’d comment on the micro-transaction shop (oh come on, what browser based/mobile game doesn’t come with that nowadays? its a given that those games are going to have some form of micro-transaction to throw off the game balance in some way) but i didn’t stick around long enough to check it out.

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