Latest SMITE Patch Changes Everything

Hi-Rez Studios have released the latest SMITE patch and it’s one of the most controversial in the games short history, it changes everything. HiRezBart streamed some of the patch during his pre-release Twitch.TV stream yesterday but the patch was so controversial that many thought they would make heavy changes before the release today. However, very few adjustments have been made, shocking the community across the board.

The majority of the changes center towards the Jungle and increasing the potency of the Jungle role. The lanes and path inside the Jungle have been widened, decreasing the potential of AoE abilities and increasing the chance of escapes in 1v1 scenarios. The same changes have been made to the Gold Fury and Fire Giant areas, as well as additional gold camps on both sides.

The patch was big enough to warrant one of the first patch reveal videos to be released without the addition of a new God. There are some positive aspects such as the addition of a Gold Loki Skin and Afro-Dite, but sadly it appears these have been overshadowed by the negative aspects of the patch. Check out the reveal video below for the full lowdown.

SMITE - Patch Reveal - Conquest Changes and AFRO-Dite

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