Latest SMITE Patch Notes 06/20/13

HiRezBart has finished his weekly Wednesday patch preview reveal for today’s upcoming update for the increasingly popular MOBA game, SMITE. For the first time in SMITE history a God has actually been removed for an update patch with Sun Wukong taking a back seat to a brand new monkey God, Hun Batz. The new God borrows many similar abilities from Sun Wukong but with a variety of important differences.

Other areas of improvement include an improved Joust map as the art style and quality has been improved to be closer to the current design quality of the game.
Also in the patch is a new Golden Skin, following the weekly trend, giving the highly popular Apollo the premium makeover. Several new voice packs have also been introduced giving Hun Batz, Anhur and Bacchus new ways of expressing themselves on the battlefield.

Another change involves the free Gods. Current SMITE players will now get Kali, Ra, Artemis, Ymir and Hun Batz however, those creating a new SMITE account after today will have access to Kali, Ra, Artemis, Ymir and Odin.

Further improvements have been made to the UI and several basic effects and issues in the game. Another noteworthy change is the addition of consumables stacking time. So if you’re one of those players that accidentally clicks several potions at once, the time will now stack so it won’t be such a waste.

The patch just keeps going with new Tiered Movement items that will give players a choice when purchasing the maximum level boots and new items. The new items, combined with the additional tiers of current items will add for far greater depth for one of the most commonly used items in the game.

For the full rundown of the patch notes you can check the pre-release reveal here.

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