Latest Video For The Crew Is Mind-Blowing

Ubisoft continues to build hype ahead of the November release for the highly anticipated racing MMO, The Crew, with an exciting new trailer showcasing everything the game has to offer, and its mind-blowing. The racing genre has never really managed to impress in the MMO space with many developers launching lackluster titles aimed at cornering players into micro-transactions for faster vehicles and other unfair advantages. However, Ubisoft’s recent track record is nothing but impressive and if that quality continues, The Crew could quite easily become the best racing MMO of our time.

The developers released a new video today that highlights many of the features that helps to distinguish The Crew from the rest of the pack. Whether you’re a hardcore competitor or a player that enjoys cruising around, The Crew embodies many elements that appeal to all kinds of gamers. Drive from coast to coast as you explore the United States and visit famous landmarks, discover wreckage of classic cars for unlockables, and challenge friends and other players to races of various modes and styles. The Crew promises to deliver on almost every level.

Check out the exciting trailer below for all of the currently revealed features and a look at some of the hottest cars in gaming.

Source: Press Release

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