League of Angels – Take New Challenge in Alliance Expedition and Sylph Hall

Alliance Expedition

Alliance Expedition is a cross-server PVP event, which is a grand war among alliances. To succeed in this war, you need to improve your individual performance, and you also need to make the whole alliance united! Only best of the best will win King’s Division Emblem!

All alliance will challenge alliance ranked 70th to 1st in sequence. When your alliance defeated all the target alliance members, then the whole alliance will receive both each challenge rewards and Alliance clearance rewards.

Sylph Hall

Sylph Hall is a place where powerful sylphs dwell, shrouded in mystery. It’s time to awaken the sylphs from a dead sleep! All heroes in Sylph Hall possess mystery powers and skills. They can be set to bless your heroes in battles after you summon them. To summon a Sylph hero you need to collect Sylph Hero Badge. Good news is one of the Sylph Badge can be gained through Loops. Don’t miss it!

After summon a sylph, you can train him/her to boost the stats. The necessary Purgatory Soul can be gained in Alliance Expedition. If a sylph blesses a hero, you can choose the hero skin by checking the Morph Sylph Skin button. If you summon a new sylph later, you can recycle the Purgatory Soul you spent on the former Sylph.

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