Light and Darkness: A deadly clash between Good and Evil has started!

NovoPlay and HBM have released an English version of Light and Darkness – the fantasy MMORPG, which centers around the deadly conflict between the two sides.

At the heart of the game is a picturesque, larger-than-life, and constantly developing world of Ryeh. With each new update, the possibilities for the future grow ever larger. New, previously-unknown worlds are continually appearing, above and below ground, inhabited either by sinister, merciless Undead and Orcs, or by courageous, wise Tourons and Humans. The division of this mysterious and dangerous universe into the forces of Light and the hordes of Darkness has recently become even more apparent: the Orcs have united with the residents of the Catacombs and are now carrying out bloody attacks to gain power over the land of Humans, who have been allied with Tourons for centuries.

The boundless world of Ryeh is brimming with ever newer, mystical locations populated with monsters, the sight of which will chill your blood! By killing these bloodthirsty creatures, you get a pretty good chance to equip yourself with new sets of unique items that will make you stronger, faster, and much more agile!

You can and should try your strength in Arena?an area where ranking battles are fought. Defeat your opponents and earn Valor Points, a special resource you can use to acquire the most rare and expensive items that even silver and gold can?t buy!

As wise gamers say, you?re nothing without your team. This maxim is entirely validated in the world of Ryeh! Menacing and mighty bosses watch over incalculable riches, silently making preparations and bidding their time to the next fight?not for life, but for death?with a group of well-equipped adventurists. On par with the fire-breathing Nyare and the saber-toothed Firemane, another dangerous adventure awaits you?Araneidarium, a nasty place teeming with swarms of furious spiders and guarded by the giant Ichtargue.

You can earn glory, respect, and honor among the citizens of Ryeh by assembling a brave and daring army and setting off together for the Guild Wars. On the path to victory you will encounter immense opposition from other guilds, just as thirsty for power and capable of committing even the most terrible and vile acts to get it. But good military leadership, a keen mind, and skill will aid you!

Despite the eternal confrontation between factions in the world of Ryeh, nobody has gotten rid of the general discipline in the cities and adjacent localities! Now anybody who dares to break the law will be put into Gaol, only able to leave after fully serving his term, which can be whiled away shooting the breeze with friends from his faction. But it does have its secrets?if you constantly carve away the cell walls or get a skeleton key, you can shorten your stay in prison!

Which force will prove more powerful? The Light or the Darkness? Who will capture limitless power? Which new races will join the Great Battle?
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