Lord of the Rings Online – Riders of Rohan: Epic Story Developer Diary

Turbine has released a new Developer Diary for the story of Rohan. Check it out here:

Riders of Rohan, developed by Turbine, is the next upcoming expansion for the free-to-play online roleplaying game, Lord of the Rings Online. This new pack will bring an interactive experience for players teeming with life, characters you won?t forget and the story everyone?s been waiting for.

The Riders of Rohan expansion will increase the level cap to 85 and it will be introducing Mounted Combat to the game. Players will be able to play alongside the lords of Rohan and customize their own steed in order to pursue the Uruks and Orcs that are startling towns and travellers. You will be able to rebuild and reclaim supplies for outposts and towns throughout and will be on the way to discovering what happened to the Fellowship.

The expansion is set to release on October 15th, 2012.

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