LOTRO Riders of Rohan War-Steeds

In The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan, the War-steed is your personal combat mount. It gains experience and can be trained and specialized in a variety of ways. Assigning earned trait points will allow you to improve their attributes,acquire new skills, and improve your own mounted combat skills.

Unlike standard travel mounts, War-steeds hail from a long lineage of majestic, highly intelligent, and kingly creatures known as the Mearas. They are faster, stronger, and thoroughly trained for battle.

War-steed Types 
There are three types of War-steeds, and while the mounts themselves are not specific to individual classes, their characteristics will allow you to mix and match with your class abilities and your play style.

The Courser ? A fast and agile Light mount, a Courser’s greater speed allows them to build Fury at a quicker pace, allowing the execution of more devastating Fury-fueled attacks. Great speed comes at the cost, however, as their Endurance and Armour is reduced.

The Rouncey ? This is a moderately armoured Medium steed providing balance and stability without sacrificing or favouring survivability or maneuverability. Riders of the Rouncey are usually more focused on close combat,  blending greater offense overdefenseand support tactics more evenly than its lighter and heavier brethren.

The Destrier ? This Heavy mount protects more than it speeds. The Destrier’s greater armour allows them to take more damage and their enhanced Power allows extensive use of special mount charges and abilities. In trade, a slower speed makes for slower Fury generation and less overall mobility.

War-steeds can be further customised by assigning trait points in one of three trait trees:

?             Red Dawn ? Focused on skills that deliver large amounts of direct damage.
?             Rohirrim ? Defensive skills designed for sustaining considerable damage.
?             Riddermark ? A blend of support, utility, and some damage skills.

With a wealth of customisable traits and extensive cosmetics options, each War-steed will be truly unique to its player.

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