Luvinia World

Luvinia World (formerly Luvinia Online) is the latest free to play title from MMORPG portal Outspark, the same developers that brought you Seven Dragons and Fiesta Online. The game is set in the world of Luvinia, a colorful world in which players can explore dozens of areas, from city streets to the bottom of oceans. Luvinia offers a unique character creation system, giving players many choices that are unheard of in other free to play MMORPG titles. As well as choosing your base appearance you get the option of choosing to align with a certain nation, picking your astrological sign and of course, choosing your class.

The classes available are Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Knight, Fighter, Scout, Artist, Warlock and Priest, although not all of these classes are available to choose straight away. As your character progresses, you gain access to specialization classes within your base class, for example, a Rogue can later decide to specialize as a Scout or Artist, with each choice unlocking separate powers and abilities.There are 2 separate sides you can choose to align with, Nation and Federation, with each side offering 3 nationalities to choose from. Each faction has its own starting area and beginning quests and is also the side you will represent in PvP battles later in the game.

The skill progression system in Luvinia Online gives players the choice of how to improve their class, offering a unique sphere-grid type system that allows players to either upgrade a current skill or unlock a new ability. At the start you only have basic access to your class’s skill tree, as you gain more experience and level up, unlocking your specialty class, you gain access to more areas of the skill tree which in turn, increases the power of your character.Luvinia Online is available, without restrictions, as a free to play title but players wishing to invest money into their characters can do so using the web-based item mall and micro-transactions system.

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