[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
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[/review]A vibrant, exciting world based on Celtic Mythology. Cell-shaded, anime-inspired art style, an epic storyline that spans generations, and gameplay that emphasizes the freedom to live your own ?Fantasy Life? for free. This is Mabinogi.

Mabinogi is Nexon America?s 3D MMORPG which takes place in a fantasy-themed world. Mabinogi offers a full gaming world to experience ? players can cook, make potions and weapons, socialize, battle fearsome monsters, and compose music. The diverse gameplay systems in Mabinogi allow players to master any skill they choose and do the activities that suit them best. In addition, players receive different gameplay bonuses depending on what day it is (36 minutes of real-time play is equivalent to one day in the game).

The game world progresses continuously via updates that introduce new areas, features and advance the storyline. With all these elements, Mabinogi offers players a unique game and a fantasy life to live entirely of their choosing.


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