Maestia – Second Raid Instance for Rise of Keledus

The second raid instance for Maestia – Rise of Keledus is now open for players to adventure in.  This raid instance in the free to play fantasy MMORPG will group up players of 6 or 12 and take them through the Temple of Cinis where they will face the enormous crystal Golem, Nautilus.  Nautilus involves an extremely tactical battle as he must be defeated in four different stages.  But the rewards will be great as he will drop extremely powerful items such as armor, rings and amulets.

Also coming to Maestia during this patch is the chance to modify your Temple Knights and Superion Guardians.  Before you weren’t able to change the hairstyle, face, height, skin, ton, or gender, but now each of these options can be individually customized.  Don’t worry if you have already started one of these characters, because you can still modify your existing characters and make them your own.

Another change coming is in the skill system for Mages which include eight new skills like buffs, and powerful spells.  These new skills will make the mages more in-line with existing characters like Warriors, Rangers and Priests. 

Lastly, the update adds a new crafting system which adds professional fields into the game.  Players can now specialize in Weapon Smithing, Armor Smithing and Alchemy.  Players will be able to use these new skills to create their own valuable items.

For more information on Maestia visit our game page.
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