Mario Kart MMO? Not Quite, But It’s Close

OGPlanet today announced the recent release of the free-to-play racing MMO, Chibi Kart. The retro inspired game takes obvious cues from the critically acclaimed Mario Kart and fuses them together with familiar business practices common in the free-to-play environment.

Unlike Mario Kart however players can enjoy an exciting RPG-esque progression system that sees players rewarded with experience points for competing in races, which in turn can be spent on upgrading karts with new technologies and items.

The game enjoyed a brief bout of closed beta goodness for a few weeks, with user feedback seeing changes made to rewards, mission types and certain karts.

[quote cite=” OGPlanet Spokesperson”]“Other new additions for full release include weekly/monthly prizes for Ghost Mode record holders, eight new custom kart pieces available via the in-game Gachapon, online rankings, and substantial additions for character and kart customization,”[/quote]

To enjoy the fruits of OGPlanet’s labors, check out the official website today.

Source: Official Website

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