Mark Kern Confirms Departure From Red 5 Studios

Last week a number of websites speculated on a leaked email from Red 5 Studios in which Vice President of Development James Macauley stated that former CEO, Mark Kern, had been removed from the staff for undisclosed reasons.

To the dismay of many it appears the email was in actual fact real and Mark himself recently took to the internet to offer perspective on the situation.

For the past twelve months, I was presented with a Kobayashi Maru test. 
When that occurs, the Captain must always find his own solution.  While
there have been rumors about whether I was demoted, terminated or maybe
even corporately executed, I will only say this: remember that Han
always shot first.  It does not matter if the person revising history is
George Lucas himself, because Greedo never shot first (sorry George).

It’s unclear what kind of impact this will have on Firefall and it’s community but losing a staff member of that level is bound to have consequences.

Source: MMORPG.Com

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