Marvel Heroes Update 1.3 Beckons

Today’s Marvel Heroes Update 1.3 Comes to us today and with it a bevy of new content including a new hero, prestige mode, the Hero Synergy System, Legendary Quests and more.  Along with the major updates of the patch, the new enhanced costume, Lady Deadpool, is now available for purchase at the in-game store.

Luke Cage is the new hero to join Marvel Heroes, if you have no idea who he is, then you’re not alone.  Luke Cage does bring super strength, unbreakable skin, and the ability to summon heroes for hire teammates.  Luke Cage will bring a new play style for long-time fans of the game.  Along with Luke Cage is the new prestige mode, which will help players prove that they are the best by having players restart their heroes at level one to begin the journey again, prestige mode will add an exclusive color in their name.

For a full list of new patch notes you can head over to the Marvel Heroes Website and see everything added in the new patch. You can also check-out the new Lady Deadpool trailer below!

Marvel Heroes -- Lady Deadpool Trailer

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