Mass Effect MMO? Let’s Ask the Doctors From BioWare

BioWare Founders and Doctors Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka have plenty to be happy about after launching a successful MMORPG and now with Mass Effect 3 hitting shelves on March 6th, but what would happen if they combine the two?

“It’s daunting, but the neat thing is it would lend itself to a different type of gameplay. It’s fun to think about,” Zeschuk told Gamespot in a recent interview on the subject of a Mass Effect MMORPG.

Muzyka went on to say, “When you deliver a game, and you deliver it for a player, you have to capture what they think is the possibility space…You need to let them do everything they think they should do, and you can’t block them from doing anything they think they should be able to do. You have to nail all the features and content that should be in that possibility space.”

So Mass Effect MMO = confirmed?  Well, no, but obviously the doc’s have it swimming in their brains.  Let’s just hope it comes because the Mass Effect universe is perfect for an MMO spin-off.


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