Mech Warrior Online requires a duo core system to play

The Mech shooting MMO MechWarrior Online which is the latest game in the MechWarrior franchise. The game is made from the CryEngine 3 powered MMO so that means you will need a decent system in order to get the best experience possible. The game is in its early stages of development and only supports DX9 for now.

Here are the system requirements that were released by the developer:

Minimum System Spec:

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz or Athlon II X2 245e


GeForce 8800GT or Radeon HD 5600/5700


OS: Windows Vista 32-bit

DirectX: DX9

HDD Space: 4 GB

Recommended System Spec:

CPU: Core i3-2500 or AMD Athlon II X4 650

GPU: GeForce GTX 285 or Radeon HD 5830


OS: Windows 7 SP-1 64-Bit

DirectX: DX9

HDD Space: 4 GB

Obviously as the development of the game goes on, the system specs will change and continue to optimizing the game’s experience.

“Right now a duo core system is our minimum spec machine but it is also our main focus of concern. It is playable on those specifications and I have tested it myself but it is currently very much a minimum spec type of experience running on low-detail settings,” the dev blog stated. “It’s obvious that a Quad core system is the key as even the earliest Core 2 Quad systems run the game very well and it is our goal (since there are still so many out there), to optimize the Core 2 Duo systems to run much faster.”

MechWarrior Online plans making it to the Closed Beta 1 status by next week sometime. The developer wants to allow “many thousands of simultaneous players to enjoy the game” next month when they launch closed beta 2. The open beta date will be announced later on this year.

The official announcement can be found here.

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