MechWarrior Online – Gameplay Advancement Content is Now Live

Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games today launched key competitive gameplay advancements for the ultimate Mech simulator, MechWarrior Online. The advancements include an 8v8 custom group Match Making, Electronic Counter Measure Suite warfare and it also introduces its next Hero Mech, Ilya Muromets. 

“With the new 8-player group vs. group action and ECM, the competitive element in the game has been upped in a major way,” said Bryan Ekman, creative director, Piranha Games. ?Blending new content with the rich history of the BattleTech universe, we are excited to introduce Ilya Muramets CTF-IM Cataphract, the first PGI-crafted character, a resilient and balanced Hero Mech representing the Capellan Confederation.?

For the Match Making aspect of the content, this will be Phase 2. It focuses on the early stages of Community Warfare in the Innersphere. This will allow players to form 8-player groups and take them into battle. 

The Electronic Counter Measure Suite (ECM) is an advanced electronic warfare suite that can be used to reduce the range at which enemy units can detect opposing Mechs on radar.There is a “disrupt” mode where missiles take twice as long to lock on, which forces the enemies to move closer to you.

Not only that, but for the holiday season, players are able to get into the mood with holiday-themed cockpit items including a Santa Bobblehead.  

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