MechWarrior Online – New Mech & Map Now Available

Piranha Games have just given MechWarrior Online players permission to go ballistic with the latest update to their highly popular BattleMech simulator. The highly anticipated March Content Update is now live and kicking, bringing a variety of new features to the game including a brand new BattleMech and map.

Players heading into the Inner Sphere can expect to go toe to toe with the brand new BattleMech, Jagermach. Accompanying the new Mech is a gorgeously rendered map, Tourmaline Desert. As if that wasn’t enough the control system has seen a massive overhaul which includes completely customizable controls for players as well as advanced joystick support. This is the perfect opportunity for players to dive into the Testing Grounds which was added in the latest update. Giving everyone the chance to sample the new Mech and map before heading into competitive play.

The complete list of specs of Jagermach can be viewed here, while newly rendered images of Tourmaline Desert can be viewed here.

Piranha Games also added some new combat tools in the form of a new consumable system, as well as some new aesthetic options. They also announced the March Leaderboard Challenge that begins on March 22nd at 10am PST.

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