MechWarrior Online Raises $122k For Canadian Cancer Society

Piranha Games and Infinite
Game Publishing, the teams behind MechWarrior Online, today revealed the final tally for the heartwarming “Sarah’s Mech” fundraiser event. The event was in honor of a young Canadian pilot, five-year-old Sarah Marie Alida Parries, who sadly passed away following a battle with cancer. The developers created a custom mech to help raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society and they’re delighted to reveal a staggering $122,200 has been raised.

A special ceremony will be held at IGP headquarters on Montreal on August 23rd at 10:30 a.m.

MechWarrior community was so touched by this young girl?s story that
they really drove what happened next,? said Kelly Zmak, president of
IGP. ?Reading through thousands of comments on our forums and social
pages, IGP and Piranha agreed immediately to create an in-game ?Mech in
Sarah?s honor for charity.? 

money raised in tribute to Sarah serves as an inspiration for all of
us,? explained Scott Fairbairn, Director, Corporate Development at the
Canadian Cancer Society. ?It speaks to the strong sense of community
evident in players of MechWarrior but also clearly demonstrates how this
story has touched the broader community resulting in a legacy of hope
in contrast to the sadness we all feel with Sarah?s passing.?

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