MechWarrior Online

[stat=Publisher]Infinite Game Publishing[/stat]
[stat=Developer]Piranha [/stat]
[stat=Distribution]Online Download[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]~4GB[/stat]
[/review]MechWarrior Online is a first person shooting Mech game set during the year 3049 in the beginning stages of a massive interstellar war. In the game you will be put in command of one of the most powerful war machines to ever walk into the heat of battle and battle it out with and against other players in high-octane conquest and versus modes.

The BattleMechs in MechWarrior Online are the real draw here. After you choose which of the five great houses you want to fight for, you will customize your Mech suit to fit your battlefield role. After some time in the game you will begin upgrading your Mechs weapons, armor and systems in order to create a truly unique fighting machine to take on an ever-changing and dynamic universe.

MechWarrior Online features 12 different Mechs, from an Assault style Mech that has the heaviest and most destructive weaponry, to light Mechs that rely on speed and a minimalist armor to accomplish their goals. In between those two styles of Mech are the Medium, which form the bulk of the fighting throughout the universe, and the Heavy Mech which uses brute force and protection to control the battlefield.

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