Micro-Transaction Currency Debuts In Latest Destiny Update

Bungie today released the 2.0.1 Update live on the official Destiny servers that introduces a number of significant changes to the game, most notably the debut of a micro-transaction currency that will allow players to purchase new emotes.

Players can now head to The Tower and speak with Tess Everis to browse the new store that currently only sells emotes, and for a new currency, Silver. The new currency is entirely micro-transaction based, players can purchase Silver through either the Xbox Games Store or the PlayStation Store.

Another exciting aspect of the update gives players the opportunity to re-roll exotic armor to get a different set of stat boosts and perks, utilizing a new Twist Fate node that needs an item players can purchase from Xur. Additionally there’s a long list of bug fixes and balance adjustments, including a rather large nerf to shotgun range.

Source: Official Website

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