Minecraft has made $80 million, nobody is surprised

Mojang is one grand company.  According to filings in Sweden, Minecraft has amassed $80 million since October 2010.  The game has 25 million users and 5 million sales.

Mojang’s Chief Executive, Carl Manneh, said about Minecraft’s popularity: “We’ve been approached by a number of high-profile Hollywood producers and asked to do TV shows. We may do that. It’s hard when you don’t have any experience and someone comes to throw these ideas around. We have so much to focus on with just the game development and growing the business. But if the right idea comes along and the right people that we’d want to work with, we’d say why not?”

This is sure to grow with the upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade port and the LEGO sets.  Minecraft is definitely putting Mojang on the map.

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