Minecraft for your Xbox!

Mojang’s number one seller, Minecraft, will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade on May 9th for the  small fee of 1600 Microsoft Points.  In a Publication by Larry Hryb, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, the game has been confirmed to release this May. Not only will the game be hitting XBLA but also GAME stores as a part of the ?Arcade Next? offer.

Other games included in this promotion are Trials Evolution , Bloodforge and the new multiplayer twist on a timeless classic, Fable Heroes . Trials Evolution was released on April 18th to be followed by Bloodforge and Fable Heroes on April 25th . Saving the best for last Minecraft will be released as the final game in the Arcade Next promotion on May 9th.

Minecraft will be restricted to the Xbox, not available on any other console. The Xbox version will be compatible with the Xbox Kinect, allowing players to use Kinect functionality during gameplay. Another difference to note is the new split-screen mode allowing up to 4 players to mine at once, with rumours of online capabilities to come. The Xbox version will take far less dragging and dropping due to the new crafting interface. The game will prompt you for an item you would like to build, then proceed to build it if you have the necessary blocks. If not you will be denied until the required blocks have been collected. The modding and player skins will not be available immediately, although a new tutorial mode will be introduced.

For all those who are having a bad night on Call of Duty or are sick of all their indie games. Minecraft on an Xbox could not have come sooner. Be sure to log into the XBLA May 9th to grab your copy of Minecraft and start mining away!

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