Ministry of War

Ministry of War is an exciting new free online strategy game in which the player gets to choose from four ancient civilizations to conquer the land. Choose from ancient China, Rome, Persia, or Egypt as you amass an army and takeover the ancient lands.

What is cool about MoW (what’s up with all these MMORPG game abbreviations?) is that equipment plays a vital role in the success of the game in conjunction with your chosen hero. All equipment is divided by 10 levels and there are 4 levels of quality distinguished by different colors. The colors are: white, green, blue, and purple, from the lowest quality to the highest. Purple equipment is the best quality and has the lowest drop rate. Blue and purple equipment both have an attribute limit; your hero can only equip them if meet the requirements.

Heroes play a large roll in Ministry of War. The dynamic and balance of the game as it is right now makes them exceedingly over powered if built right, and horribly useless if built wrong. This crucial element will come down to players just trying things with their heroes to see what works. In our case, we tried about three different heroes with varying attributes before we created one that was an absolute powerhouse!

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