Misery Loves Company as MechWarrior Online Releases New Stalker Mech

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Piranha Games has released the most recent update to it’s popular title, MechWarrior Online. The update brings an abundance of changes including color customization of Hero Mechs, four new Trial Mechs, and the featured Mech known as Misery.

Misery is an 85-ton Stalker Mech that’s loaded with an arsenal of new weaponry. Utilizing short range missiles and a powerful Gauss rifle, Misery is one force not to be taken lightly. A large laser canon and four supporting medium lasers give Misery an unparallelled combination of ammunition. Players may want to slap the new Buccaneer Premium Pattern on Misery if they really want to make a statement. Don’t expect to make too many friends with the new look though, as each design finds a unique way to prod and taunt your opponents openly.

There are plenty of other subtle changes that will go a long way in this online experience. Misery should be enough to provide a thrilling gaming experience, but check out MechWarrior Online today for the rest of the games awesome new content.

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