MLG releases League of Legend Arena details

The Major Gaming League has officially posted the details for the first League of Legends Summer Arena event that is taking place on August 3rd until the 5th.

The event will feature four of the world?s best League of Legends teams competing for $10,000 as the first place prize, in the MLG Studio in New York City. Every single match in the tournament will be broadcasted which will consist of 20 hours of thrilling game-play. The matches will be cast by an all-star lineup of Leigh Smith (Deman), Dan Dinh, and Trevor Henry (Quickshot).

The League of Legends Arena will be broadcast live across three streams that are located on the MLG website: The streams will be available in standard definition and have an option to upgrade to HD without any ads. There is also DVR functionality as well in order to back up and watch any matches that have been potentially missed.

Not only that, but there will be two Dr. Pepper Ultimate Access Streams that will be available to viewers and feature each of the broadcast of one of the teams playing on the mainstream, with player chat channels to listen in to what the teams are saying to each other during gameplay.

Broadcast Schedule (All times ET)

Friday, August 3: 5pm-11pm

Saturday, August 4: 2pm-8pm

Sunday, August 5: 10am-7pm

Full information on the four Arena teams will be available after play finishes in the Online Arena Qualifiers.

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