MMO Review: Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a free to play in browser MMORPG published by Bigpoint Games. This hack and slash style mmo is quick to learn and easy to jump into. The account creations takes a literal 30 seconds and you are ready to play, free of the hassle of downloading and installing.

The character creation scene is the first small letdown of this game. Only containing your 3 stereotypical class types the Melee, Mage and Rouge characters. After choosing your class the customization of your character almost stops, with very few other customizations available. You can customize your hair and then choose between 3 body sizes. Once you get over the disappointment of not being able to make your character look unique you can name it and jump into the game.

At first look the game is reminiscent of Diablo or D&D but you will find it to be rather different. The questing is simple and straightforward pushing you through objectives and awarding you with exp and andermant. This andermant can be used at the in-game shop where you can buy powerful gems for your weapons or health potions to keep you alive. In this way Drakensang is unique from many other MMO’s out there. It allows you grind for the currency that you would normally have to buy. Although the amount of andermant you obtain from grinding is slim to none the possibility is still there for those who would rather grind then spend there hard earned cash.

The PvP system is based around arenas where you sign up and enter to show off your skills. There is no random pk’ing which take out a completely competitive element but the arena pvp is still fun and challenging. At the moment the player base for drakensnag is not very large so the pvp is not always fast paced, but if you can find some people to pvp with it is a lot of fun.

The shopping system is fairly small and the amount of different items you can get is limited. The only customization you can do is embedding stones into your armour to obtain small bonuses for att, def etc. These will allow you to have the competitive edge on your enemies in PvP or a dungeon. The dungeons are fun and intuitive. There are different sizes and difficulties depending on how many people you are with and what level you are. Some dungeons cost to enter and have chests that require keys purchased with andermant to buy. IN this way the game forces you to grind for hours or spend your cash in real life. The chests and mobs inside usually give great drops and good exp.

The skill sets are poorly crafted and do not allow for any customization. Each class has set skills to learn at set levels and that?s all there is too levelling. There is no skill points or stat points to add to build your character uniquely. Each class receives set bonuses per level and that?s all there is too it. This takes away from the individuality and skill of the game. A level 20 character against your level 17 will basically always win , not based on skill but on simple level base.

All in all the game is fun to play and has the best graphics of any in browser MMO I?ve played I would suggest it to those who need something to tie them over until Diablo III or want a game the can play on the run, at the library or even at school. The lack of customization and skill are the main downfalls and makes this game less appealing to hardcore players. If you want a new game to try and don’t want to download anything, give Drakensang a try!

Review by: MMO Specialist

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