New MMO TERA draws ever closer

TERA, the first true action MMORPG, has been undergoing a range of very successful beta weekends with an ever increasing number of participants.  As such, it is almost time for the official launch of the servers.  Yes, there are only a few more weeks to wait for the main release, and many of us MMORPG fans eagerly await this title.  The action MMORPG game is being launched on May 1st  here in North America on a subscription basis.

The publishers are currently releasing a new screenshot each day leading up to the official release.  I’ve included a small sample of a few of the images that have been released.  Players can pre-order the game to ensure that they will be able to join in in the open beta and the head-start as well as the fifth closed beta.

The game is available as a Collector’s Edition, which comes with an impressive and exclusive Regal Frostlion mount.

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