Mythos Global offers some insights on progress since launch

Mythos Global just published an info-graphic that demonstrates some of the milestones and statistics for the game since it’s launch of open beta on earlier this month (February 2nd to be exact).

Some of the more interesting stats stats show that players have run over one million dungeons, dismantled over two million items, and augmented around 20,000 items. Bloodletters have shown to be the most popular class, while Pyromancers have not faired as well.  The most popular class goes to the Gremlin while the Cyclops is least favored choice of all.

Take a look at the info-graphic below to see some more stats for the game.
Mythos Global Infographic
Here’s the stats if you’re having trouble with the infographic.

Dungeon Runs: 1.1 Million

Items Dismantled: 2.2 Million

Number of Augmentations: 19,265

Character Gender
– Male: 52.5%
– Female: 47.5%

Character Class
– Bloodletter: 40.2%
– Gadgeteer: 31.4%
– Pyromancer: 28.3%

Character Race:
– Gremlin: 32.1%
– Human: 30.9%
– Satyr: 23.9%
– Cyclops: 13.0%

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