Nether is a first-person survival MMO (MMOFPS) from Phosphor Game Studios and Nether Productions. Nether takes place in the middle of an urban, post-apocalyptic setting. The world is overrun with crumbling infrastructure, abandoned high-rise buildings and deserted camps. At the root of the problem is the infestation of the hostile and aggressive Nether creatures. These demonic creatures patrol what’s left of a previously thriving society and wreak havoc on anything that moves. Stranded and alone, the odds are against you as you scavenge and fight for your survival.

Set in a landscape loosely based off of Chicago, Nether creates a high-tension experience where players will have to make quick, yet calculated decisions to ensure their survival. Starting with nothing but a rusty machete and an extremely limited skill set, players will have to explore and scavenge to find food, medical resources and weapons to prolong their survival. Of course, despite being on your own, you are far from being alone in this survival MMOFPS. Teleporting Nether creatures and other human players pose a constant threat to those who get too careless in their behaviors. Both noise and movements are factors to account for in how stealthily you travel.

Nether features a variety of different Nether creature classes, each with unique stats and behavior specialties. Take, for example, the Shriekers. While generally weak on its own, the Shrieker will let out a piercing screech upon aggravation and summon all the Nether creatures in the surrounding area to your location. Shriekers should be considered extremely dangerous, as getting overwhelmed with enemies rarely ends well for the player. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the Golems. These giant brutes are feared for their massive damage potential and their significant stamina.

Generally better left unprovoked, killing Nether creatures provides the fastest track for leveling up your character. Completing missions and killing other human players will also add to your overall experience. Achieving new levels grants a skill point, which you can assign to various character traits to grant new skills and better attributes.

Much like in other survival MMOs such as DayZ or H1Z1, PvP plays a crucial role in gameplay. Whereas the PvE Nether enemies can be predictable, other human players you encounter in the world will beg for your empathy and trust. They can use cunning and deceit to win you over, just to stab you in the back when you least expect it. Playing with others can create a more enjoyable, rewarding experience, so who to trust? To help form a sense of alliance and civility, Nether offers five different Tribes to join. With your team you can conquer areas of the map and create strongholds. The game doesn’t prevent inter-Tribe murder, but it does frown upon it via player reputation.

The world of Nether consists of part urban city, spanning over 150 city blocks, and part rural outskirts. Up to 64 players can be hosted in each server, with multiple servers available to play in. The game currently follows a buy-to-play model in which you pay a one time price upfront and then are free to play without subscription. Feel like diving in? Check out our Nether Survival Guide – A Beginner’s Walkthrough to get you on your way.

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