New CGI Trailer For Monster Hunter Online

A recent press release confirmed the development for a new Monster Hunter MMO and Capcom have released some more information with a brand new CGI trailer. The press release said that they were working on an “international” release which gave many of us the impression that the game was confirmed for the West. However, despite the initial confirmation via an email reply, a newer press release was published that retracted the statement.

There’s already enough information to warrant drooling over your keyboard. The official site included some awesome teaser images, but this is even better. The new CGI trailer showcases some features, both old and new. We can see some iconic armor sets from earlier titles and some we’ve never come across before. There’s also a lengthy fight against one of the games more popular monsters, a Rathian.

Check the end of the trailer for a sneak peak at a brand new dragon coming to the Monster Hunter Online world.

Monster Hunter Online - CGI Trailer

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