New DOTA 2 beta update adds ?Ogre Magi? and comes with a new Dashboard and Hero Picker

Valve has released a new update for the beta version of DOTA 2. The new update comes with a new Dashboard and a Hero Picker, as well as various rebalance tweaks, revised performance bar calculation and display, increased bot cautiousness when going to the side shop, and the addition of overhead healing messages for Warlock and Bloodseeker. DOTA 2?s update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its complete changelog below. Enjoy!

DOTA 2 Beta Update Changelog:
– Added Ogre Magi!
– New Dashboard!
– New Hero Picker!

– Enabled Treant Protector in Captain?s Mode.
– Spectre: Fixed Haunt Illusions having collision.
– Lifestealer: Fixed Rage being dispellable.
– Spirit Breaker: Fixed Charge of Darkness immediately failing when cast on Razor?s Unstable Current.
– Bounty Hunter: Fixed a bug that could sometimes allow Jinada to work on buildings.
– Fixed Black King Bar not dispelling Haste and Double Damage.

– Revised performance bar calculation and display.
– Added support for putting bots into individual slots in a private lobby.
– Fixed issue where the camera would recenter when quickly switching between different control groups.
– Fixed incorrect player id when pinging runes.
– Added a short cooldown to the chat message when pinging a rune.
– Added disconnected player icon in scoreboard and top bar.

– The game start horns now play different cues from each team location and are now spatial.
– Added sound when the courier delivers items to you.

– First pass at spectator-only Roshan timer.
– Added overhead healing messages for Warlock and Bloodseeker.
– Fixed a visual hitch sometimes experienced while spectating using Directed view.

– Increased bot cautiousness when going to the side shop.
– When invisible, bots will now only use abilities or items that they really want to use.
– Bots are now more likely to roam and gank when invisible.
– Juggernaut bot will no longer offensively use Blade Fury when he?s sufficiently powerful (better to just attack).
– Zeus will now use Wrath in teamfights.
– Fixed bug where Vengeful bot could try to swap out-of-range allies.

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