Decimate Your Enemies With New Elsword Class

As part of a continued effort to introduce new classes to the free action MMORPG, Elsword, developers Kill3rCombo announce the brand new class, Shelling Guardian. Kill3rCombo announced the Elsword Transformation series a few months back and they’ve stuck to their word as they continue towards the goal of an additional class for each and every character featured in the game.

The newest class, the Shelling Guardian, is an additional option for fans of Chung. He becomes the ultimate demolitions expert, gaining access to a vast variety of explosive abilities and attacks; increasing his mastery of long-range abilities and furthering his capabilities on the battlefield.

Adding to Chung’s already ferocious reputation the Shelling Guardian gives players the opportunity to unleash massive AoE attacks and strike from afar with an arsenal of the longest range abilities in the game. Experience some of the most explosive animations in the game as you call on the Carpet Bombing and Dread Chase attacks, launching dozens of homing missiles towards your enemies.

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