New Information Released For Final Fantasy XIV Update

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I’m getting a little sick of writing about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but until Square Enix stop pumping out the updates and announcements, I’m left with little choice. The latest to come from the RPG giants includes additional information on the previously announced update scheduled to begin later today. The servers will be taken offline at 5PM PDT today with Square Enix hoping to restore services at 3AM PDT, with the typical “subject to change” MMO warning. Of course the website is flooded with over-entitled players as they demand a change in patch timing to conform with lesser popular playing times.

But while they sit there and complain, the rest of us can enjoy what’s coming in the patch, although sadly it’s a bit lackluster in terms of content. The new update is aimed at increasing the overall capacity of the game and servers, with the end goal being a Duty Finder that actually works.

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  1. Substantially increase the number of Worlds.
  2. Create a third duty finder group to further alleviate server stress.
  3. Increase the number of servers used for instances.

It’s probably a bit early to call for new content but hopefully this update will allow players to actually enjoy the content on offer, rather than spending 20 minutes staring at the Duty Status screen.

The developers have also thrown in some additional features that were not included in the original announcement such as a new Gear Score mechanic. Armor and weapons will now have a certain value attached to them with particular instances and raids being out of reach unless the individual has a certain gear score. The announcement has been met with mixed opinions from the forum going community but we won’t really know its success until it has been introduced to the masses. Watch this space as I’ll probably have to cover the response to that update as well.

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