Black Gold Online Update Brings New Level Cap

As Black Gold Online prepares to enter its second month of open beta testing the developers, Snail Games USA, today revealed an exciting peek into what’s in store for its players in the coming months. Players can look forward to an interesting variety of new features in future updates including brand new maps, the often requested increase in level cap, and vast improvements to optimization and other technical elements of the game.

Black Gold Online began its first open beta testing window in June 20th and for a little over a month players have had plenty of opportunity to explore the unique combination of steampunk and fantasy in one of the most unique game worlds in the online gaming space. The game boasts 12 playable classes, each with an impressive list of skills and abilities, with more to come in future updates.

Highlights of what’s to come:

  • Level cap raised to 45, with new quests and activities to match
  • New tier of skill upgrades as players power up their characters
  • Expanded arsenal of gear with new T3 equipment types
  • Cross-server PvP function for Arenas and Battlefields
  • New world maps, instances, dungeons, and battlefields to be added
  • Balancing and optimization improvements to be implemented

The first large-scale update for Black Gold Online will be delivered automatically as a free download to all players with an up-to-date client.

Source: Press Release

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