New Spirit Tales character class introduction video

Sunnyvale, Calif. — (April 30, 2012)??KoramGame Ltd., a leading developer and publisher of free-to-play online games, today released a fun new video that gives fans a special look at the six playable character classes in the upcoming cute 3D fantasy MMORPG, Spirit Tales, before it goes into open beta on May 10.

Gold Kirin Tribe

  • Fighter?– Instilled from a young age with respect and reverence, fighters learn to harness the ways of all things within the natural order, utilizing them to their potent advantage. The fighter is a melee class that excels at close range combat.
  • Shaman?– In peace with nature and the elements, shamans quickly learn seemingly endless amounts of elemental powers, which when tapped and harnessed, provide healing energies far beyond the imaginable. The shaman is a healer and support class that excels at aiding and revitalizing the injured.

Lunar Fox Tribe

  • Sorcerer?– Infused with the potency of fire and ice magic, sorcerers have learned to harness these powers of creation, invoking their force to bring about miraculous changes in the world and catastrophic damage to their enemies. The sorcerer is a magic DPS and revival class that excels at long range combat.
  • Assassin?– With lightning fast reflexes and movements far beyond the capacity of most mortals, assassins walk as silent beings upon the invisible threads that tie the world together, bending and shaping the shadows into silhouettes of terror. The assassin is a melee DPS class that excels at speed and quickness.

Maned Dragon Tribe

  • Archer?– Vitalized by the forge of friendship from an early age, archers keep a clear, ever-watchful eye upon their kin and neighbors; undoubtedly the first to quench the flame if a spark of trouble should ever arise. The archer is a ranged DPS class that excels at long range combat.
  • Warrior?– Imbued with a steely, unbending discipline when it comes to loyalty and friendship, warriors choose to seek the path of the guardian, becoming a much-needed ally upon the battlefield – often making the greatest sacrifice to protect those around them. The warrior is a melee class that excels at close range defensive combat.
Spirit Tales - Character Class Introduction

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