Nosgoth Alpha Preview

There are games that sometimes make you want to celebrate the defeat of your enemy over their corpse in some grotesque fashion and in this game, it is even a built in mechanic. Psyonix?s Nosgoth, with its namesake drawn from the dark land that the game takes place in, absolutely paints a morbid picture colored with blood, grey, and shadows of lurking predators. Humans V.S Vampires is an old tale but the perspective of hunter and prey has been given new light here as players decide for themselves, fight or flight.

Nosgoth is a free to play asymmetrical arena third person shooter and fighter with similar games being Forge and ArcheBlade with maybe a little bit of Left 4 Dead thrown in there. Players in teams alternate between human and vampires as they team deathmatch to victory. Each side has unique classes with unique abilities and customizable perks. It seems purchasing items and perks along with cosmetic appearance items, will be how the game makes money. Luckily, in true f2p fashion, Nosgoth will allow any competitive items to be purchased with in game currency, and cosmetic items using life cash. Giving players the ability to rent items and perks is also a great addition that should be in more games, ?looking at you Tribes?.

Speaking on the aesthetic, I was quick to see that this game is for a mature audience. There is gore, morbidity, and darkness. Elements of horror persist even through an online environment. To those weak of heart, stay away. That being said, Nosgoth presents a unique flavor and palette rarely seen in free to play games aside from rpg?s like Vindictus or Path of Exile.

On the note of uniquity, let us talk about the customization and classes because this is where the game becomes invaluable as an addition to the F2P market. I am a huge fan of games that cannot be replaced due to their originality and Nosgoth is just such a game. Playing as a human, you are ranged and most of your abilities are compliment of such a playstyle. Vampires are melee brawlers and have an opposite kit to humans.. Between the two races, 3 classes each with my personal favorites being Scout for human and Sentinel for Vampire. I could probably go on and on about the intricate feel of each class and the strategic importance of them all but you will just have to see for yourself. Remember, you can outfit different weapons and perks to change playstyles entirely similar to Team Fortress, though there isn?t quite that level of customization yet.

Vampires heal via killing and devouring the corpse of their victim and humans have altars they skitter towards to heal, promoting even further the offensive and defensive natures of both races. This doesn?t mean you can?t be offensive as a human, but the asymmetry of the game makes for a unique mix. Playing as a vampire, you are extremely mobile either via flying or through leaping rooftops. As a human, it can feel more like hide and seek since you are essentially crawling around the ground but the game certainly rewards the brave. This doesn?t mean going alone, staying together and teamwork wins games more than anything here. Strategy, team composition, timing, these things are important and what I think will make it a competitive title. It isn?t necessarily hard to aim in this game but then again every person has a way to escape or dodge and doubly so if they are not alone.

The different mix of abilities and weapons make playing simply fun and allows teams to utilize roles and create strategies that can change the tide instantly with proper communication. Much like Crysis 3 hunter mode, certain areas are more worthy of control. since humans excel in open areas and vampires opposite, you will generally want the team spread evenly in a town square rather than huddled in a hallway or all spread across the map. I am sure there is a role for a lone wolf, but an alpha always need his pack.

When players finally sink their teeth into Nosgoth, It will both satiate and appatize. There are games that sometimes make you want to celebrate the defeat of your enemies over their corpse in some grotesque fashion, and to that I?ll drink.

Nosgoth, developed by Psyonix and published by Square Enix. An expected title that has much to live up to but so much life already breathed in. Get in as soon as you can, slaughter, slay, and stay for a while.

-Skylent Shore

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