Nvidia’s new Kepler tech is the start of true eighth-generation PC gaming

When the 3DS and Vita came out, we entered a new generation of consoles, this being the eighth generation.  The Wii U will be the first home console for this generation, but PCs are a little harder to define, usually being about a half-gen ahead of the consoles.  Nvidia is taking that to a new level with their new Kepler-powered GTX 680 video card.  This thing is so beastly, you really won’t need a new computer for a long, long time.

The so-called “fastest GPU in the world”, the GTX 680 has some crazy new features under its little hood, one really cool one being automatic changes of the clock speed depending on how hot the unit is to keep performance in check.

It also has a neat trick in “Adaptive VSync technology” that allows the card to keep rendered graphics in line with monitor refresh rate.  It also has TXAA for anti-aliasing that REALLY eliminates those jaggies.

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