One Tamriel Arrives For The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online Studios today ushered in the highly anticipated One Tamriel update for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited as v2.6.5 brings with it the introduction of new mechanics and features across the ESO experience. The One Tamriel update, first announced at this years E3 convention, marks a huge change in the way players can experience The Elder Scrolls Online as the entire world has been opened and made void of any level restrictions. The new One Tamriel update is now live and will let players explore with friends without the traditional level boundaries put in place by the regular MMO.

The team released a full set of patch notes that highlights other changes to the game with today’s update. These include improvements to Craglorn for a more streamlined solo experience, Normal and Veteran versions for all 4-player dungeons, an overhaul to the Undaunted Pledge system and a huge list of changes to various items and pieces of equipment.

Additionally players can expect new Weapon Ultimates, a dueling feature and the introduction of daily quests. Finally new monster masks and a raise in the Champion Point cap. The update is now available on multiple platforms at 2.3GB.

Source: Official Website

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