Open Seas Update & Changes To Trove Pet System

Trion Worlds today released the highly anticipated Open Seas update for the voxel-based sandbox MMO, Trove. The main bulk of the Open Seas update promises the Trove community endless piratey goodness as the feared pirates return from their exploration of the Treasure Isles with cargo holds overfilling with rare and expensive loot collected from beyond the Sea of Regret. Keen players can explore worlds within Trove to find the returning pirates anchored to various locations, opening new trade opportunities for players with enough rare loot to capture the pirates interest.

[quote cite=”Morgana, Developer”]This is the first part of our post-sky update and is still pretty early. The seas are still shallow, but this is how you can get some goods like pets, mounts, pearls, and recipes. Currently the pirates are just crafting stations and this will be updated with the larger water update planned as the next big update after the sky one.

Another popular element of the Open Seas update is the changes to the pet system. The newly dubbed Ally system offers players more opportunities to recruit additional units to join their party alongside a more varied list of skills and abilities for each ally in-game.

Source: Official Website

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